Call Center Outbound

Also known as “outgoing”. This type of Call Center refers to call centers where agents contact customers directly to offer a product or service with the aim of obtaining and retaining new leads and, finally, closing sales.

Surely on more than one occasion you will have had contact with one of these two types of Call Centers. However, in case you still have no doubts about what Call Centers do, we share some real cases that will help you identify them much better. For example:

The customer service of a bank is operated through a Call Center.
Some marketing companies offer advertising services through calls, operated in a center such as these.
Many companies choose to outsource customer service and support via telephone to external call centers.

What is a Call Center for?

A Call Center can serve different purposes: sell a product, carry out a survey, offer a service, receive calls to answer questions, take orders, register claims, among others.

As we saw earlier, Call Centers can specialize in receiving or making calls, although in some cases they can perform both functions. This dynamic will depend on the dynamics of each company, but in summary, whether outgoing or incoming, the main function of a Call Center is to establish communication with customers, suppliers or business partners through voice calls.

Call Center

It is a telephone call center. In other words, a is a centralized service that manages and manages the traffic of incoming and outgoing calls of a specific client.

This service is offered through a single channel: a telephone network. But a Call Center does not only work with many telephones, these telephone networks are operated with a work team made up of multiple agents who receive calls one after another. Depending on the size of the company you support, agent teams can be very large or small.

The function of a Call Center, in general, is to provide technical support and attention to the doubts, complaints or demands that they receive from customers through incoming calls. While outgoing calls are usually made to sell products or services, carry out post-sale follow-up surveys and customer loyalty, etc.

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